10 things that Milllennials like to do at the weekend

10 things that Milllennials like to do at the weekend
Ah, weekends! That blissful time when the 9-to-5 grind takes a backseat, and life offers a brief respite to engage in activities that truly resonate with one’s soul. As we mosey through the list of top 10 things Millennials fancy doing over the weekend, let’s delve into why each activity tickles their fancy in today’s fast-paced, ever-connected world!
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1. Brunching with Mates

    There’s nothing quite like catching up with friends over a leisurely brunch. For many Millennials, brunch isn’t just about the poached eggs on toast or the bottomless coffees. It’s a cherished ritual that combines delicious, Instagram-worthy food with the joy of social interaction. This meal often stretches out for hours, filled with laughter and the clinking of glasses, and offers a perfect start to the weekend, blending relaxation with a touch of indulgence.

    2. Visiting Farmers’ Markets

    On Saturday mornings, you’ll find plenty of Millennials wandering through local farmers’ markets. There’s a growing appreciation in this generation for farm-to-table produce, artisanal crafts, and homemade goodies—items that not only taste good but also support local businesses and sustainable practices. It’s a sensory joy and a way to feel connected to the community and nature, soothing the eco-conscious hearts of many a Millennial.

    Man buying kale at a farmers market
    Outdoor Yoga classes

    3. Yoga classes

    Millennials are fiercely conscious of health and wellbeing, making yoga classes a staple weekend activity. Whether it’s hot yoga, vinyasa, or a gentle flow, yoga offers a moment of zen and a break from the digital overload of the week. Besides physical benefits, the mental clarity and stress relief are precisely what’s needed to reset before another bustling week.

    4. Exploring New Eateries

    Food exploration is a favourite hobby among Millennials, who adore discovering new gastronomic delights. Trying a new restaurant or café provides a sense of adventure and satisfies the palate with unique flavours and cuisines. It’s also a fantastic way to support diverse businesses and enjoy a culinary journey around the world without leaving the city.

    Millennial people drinking red wine at open bar restaurant
    Pretty female traveller walks on shore near tranquil sea at sunset Nature and hiking walks paradise

    5. Hiking and Nature Walks

    As avid advocates for mental health and environmentalism, many Millennials use their weekends to reconnect with nature. Hiking through parklands or nature reserves not only provides a great workout but also allows Millennials to detach from technology and engage with the environment, offering a fresh perspective and invigorating the senses with natural beauty.


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