Your Parliament Online – Eastbourne – Podcast 1 – August 2017

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Hi and welcome to Your Parliament Online and as we do every week we’re maybe just giving you an insight into what your local M.P. has been up to in the previous seven days.
Your local M.P. is Stephen Lloyd and he covers the Eastbourne constituency.
In the last couple of days Stephen’s been talking about the chemical haze that hit Eastbourne and really what his views are. He also mentioned his frustration with the authorities, as apparently they’re failing to collect samples at the Birling Gap beach area that actually suffered from the chemical haze.
This comes after a gas cloud descended on the beauty spot on Sunday August 27th leaving hundreds with streaming eyes and sore throats.
Stephen Lloyd M.P. said in a statement “the latest reports I’ve received from the Environment Agency are that the Marine and Coast Guard agency are most likely pinning the gas on one of the up to 180 ships or so that were in the vicinity around the time of the gas cloud. The challenge they tell me, is identifying which ship. As they are unlikely to own up to doing what appears to have been an illegal act. And the boats can only be properly assessed when they berth. He is frustrated that none of the bodies involved appear to have thought to take samples of the haze. So we all remain unclear what it’s makeup actually was. Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said in a statement on August 29th, that gas monitoring equipment was used in the immediate area on August 27th when the Fire and Rescue Service attended the scene but this did not result in sufficient ratings to conclusively identify the gas.
This makes it more difficult to discover where it came from.
So, this was Stephen Lloyd’s view on the chemical haze that hit Eastbourne’s Birling Gap beach on a sunny Sunday on August during the bank holiday weekend leaving hundreds with streaming eyes and sore throats
Next up local residents joined members of the council’s neighbourhood committee for the Pride in our Neighbourhood campaign. M.P. Stephen Lloyd was there to launch the campaign in an alleyway at the junction of Dudley Road and Albion Road, one of the town’s hotspots where fly tipping has been a problem so Eastbourne Council is urging residents to back pride in our neighbourhood and the council wants residents to take ownership of where they live and work alongside the Council to stop fly tipping, dog fouling and littering. Jonathan Dow from the council said “when people dump rubbish in alleyways like this the issue is that because the alleyway isn’t adopted it does not fall under the responsibility of the council” which basically means it’s not a council road. So it’s privately owned which means that the council is under no obligation to actually clean up the mess. So of course what happens is people just dump their stuff there and leave it.
Anyone wanting to report incidents of fly tipping can do so by downloading an App called Report it Eastbourne or call the Neighbourhood First Team on 410000.
And that’s it for Your Parliament Online this week. Next week we’ll be back with more juicy topics that Stephen Lloyd’s mentioned.
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