Halloween – Brighton Broadcaster Network test

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If you’re looking to be scared this Halloween try Brighton – the scariest and most haunted city in the UK!

Brighton beats Edinburgh and Nottingham with its scary piers, scary guys and ghouls and petrifying beaches.

Could you bear hearing the screech of ghostly train crashes? Seeing ghoulish nuns gliding through walls and phantom pooches searching for their owners?


And how about scaring yourself on the Ghost Walk of the Lanes?

Terrified tourists have been lead around Brighton’s creepy Lanes area for the last few years by Andrew Allen and his other demonic guides. Allen says that “Halloween is our busiest time of the year” – no surprise there!


Or, stay safe – stay at home…with family and friends and enjoy the commercialisation of Halloween with spooky Halloween food!


Or just scare yourself silly at one of Brighton’s top 1stdate venues; Glo balls!  Their spooky brand of ghostly golf will be sure to keep you talking…or screaming!


And after all of these fantastic phantoms have you fleeing back home, get all zombie and  relax by slashing and carving a pumpkin treat…start scooping and chopping!


But whatever you choose – just be  c a r e f u l …